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Minerium coin - SHA256 cryptocurrency

Minerium is a mineable SHA256 crypto currency, a coin which use the bitcoin protocol and blockchain technology

PrivateSend Technology

Mixes all the transactions into multiple parts, everything inside one single transaction

New function: SuperDay

Making a mining process less boring, less linear and more interesting - More rewards for new miners | Click for details |

Minerium's mission:

Minerium Coin's goal is to be implemented for real-life use.
Minerium is not just a coin, it is a cryptocurrency.

First, we are aiming to increase its value, then to get a stable price, which will happen at the end of the block rewards process in 6 years.
A minimal value of 1000 Satoshis (0.00001000 BTC) is the ideal and what we will achieve.

This is why we are first focusing on an investment platform which will allow you to use Minerium to buy online.
A partnership with Amazon, Newegg and Netflix, for example.

We realized that many projects have a too long mining process lasting over several years which give fewer chances to the new miners to make profits.

The new SuperDay function is the best remedy for this situation, giving a chance to everyone during the mining process.
See the chart for more details about this specifically.

Minerium over the years:

The reward's period lasts 2,202 days (6 years). After this, the miners will be compensated by the rewards of the transactions fees.

Compared to Bitcoin, Minerium has the capacity to adjust its difficulty much faster at every 3 blocks.
Its ratio "max PoW/difficulty" is set up to never go very high on the mining difficulty, to avoid the blockchain being stuck and struggling for hours or days.
This will allow a very fluid circulation of the blocks on the network and make a real-life use of Minerium.

For example, anyone can easily help the blockchain with a single CPU, or a cellphone and be rewarded with the mining fees.
This would be a great income as the coin's value at this time will make it be worth for the very low ratio electricity/mining cost.

Minerium is a cryptocurrency that has to be used and developed by and for the people.

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Minerium Coin


• Ticker: MINR

• Block: 1 minute

• P2P Port: 6006

• RPC Port: 6007

• Difficulty: 3 blocks

• Algorithm: Sha256


• ASICS friendly

SuperDay rewards

• Segwit transations

• POW + Masternodes

• 51% attacks resistant



• Block 0:                  8k coins

• Block 133,921:     10k coins

• Block 662,401:     12k coins

• Block 1,190,881: 14k coins

• Block 1,850,401: 16k coins

• Block 2,511,361: 18k coins

• Block 3,172,321: 20k coins

• Confirmations: 13


• Send Confirmations: 6

• POW Confirmations: 36

• Max supply: 23,738,309


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